Angel Huang

Composer – Marimbist

Journey 3

  In the midst of stomachache and feeling noxious, Franny discreetly fed me good meds and utilized her iPhone yelp […]

Journey 2

I’m opening this post with a picture of gelato flight. As you can see, macrons is popular everywhere.. ( smirk […]

Journey 1

It’s been a great week;  good food, good weather and good people. one morning before picking up my keyboard on […]

Aaron Young

AARON YOUNG ARC LIGHT (Moscow, hexaptych), 2008 Oil, rubber and acrylic on aluminum Hexaptych: 79 x 59 inches each (200.7 […]

Philip Crangi Jewelry 2

Just received an email from Philip Crangi Jewelry, thank you again for your inspiration and kind words 🙂 “Today, Philip […]

Curtis Kulig

Curtis Kulig  Love Me Lapel Pin  Love the design 🙂 Hello all, how’s your tuesday? only three more days until […]

Philip Crangi

週五聯絡上珠寶設計師, 主要是最近多位友人要結婚了, 聊聊就聊到音樂….他說, 設計珠寶時最愛聽音樂, 期待彼此合作的火花 I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend. Over this week, I’ve been […]

Sweet Lady Jane

昨天在臉書上甜點的ㄧ篇得到廣大回響,  ㄧ位朋友問我我的甜點品味, 我說:“我就是喜歡死甜到喉嚨痛的那種….” , 去年到L.A. 時品嘗了ㄧ家極好吃的巧克力杏仁脆蛋糕, 想到…..  email 給老闆, 用甜味品嘗音ㄩㄝˋ Chieh’s 甜點音樂 x Sweet Lady Jane I love fine desserts. […]

Fine prints. Jcrew

之前留意了ㄧ位美國攝影家的部落格, 密切聯絡後, 沒想到意外找到了ㄧ個可以寫音樂的機會…. 謝謝 邵士筆 先生. I’m always amazed by colors, the way designers put colors on their artwork…. fine […]