wait and see

Hola! I haven’t updated my blog for 1.5 months. What have I done? 1. Scoring for numerous music 2. Sharpening my orchestration skill Also, I am going to be a guest DJ at Bravo FM 91.3 in Taipei, introducing crossover…


Stokperd is a brand that custom make just about anything and everything from tables, shelves, chairs,beds.. Trying to collaborate with furniture artists… you know how sometimes you dislike your own work and it turned out it’s your friend’s favorite melody….

Pepa Prieto: ” A Knot” 2013

今天早上ㄧ起來收到 Ms. Prieto 的 email 來信, 謝謝親愛的她, 欣賞我的音樂。 她會刊登在她的媒體網頁與粉絲頁中!期待更多的合作。   “Each painting is a frozen moment, a detailed snapshot of my inner dialogue. As a narrative form and in terms of process, one painting often leads me to the next….

Pepa Prieto

i am inspired by the work of artist Pepa Prieto, who was born in southern Spain and went to boarding school in England,  now lives and works in New York. she has quite a varied body of work blooming from 2005 to now;…


Faris Du Graf is an artist & jewellery designer from Seattle whose line FARIS has a new collection & lookbook called Tropical Modernism. the jewellery itself is beautifully unique, and the ultra creative lookbook just adds to its overall awesomeness. you can buy…

Reem Acra

我的好友要結婚了, 所以在想, 我有什麼有關禮服的音樂…  🙂 ” Reem Acra’s designs epitomize global glamour by offering women her innate fashion sense, European style and understanding of what looks and feels beautiful. Interlaced with her sense of luxury, her regal designs are developed with…

Caitlin Freeman

Inspirations lie solely in art…  Have your cake, listen to music and wear the art.. courtesy Modern Art Desserts and Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Address Blue Bottle Coffee 300 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94607      

Andrew Kuo: Halos

Andrew Kuo b. 1977 Halos, 2012 acrylic on linen 51 x 38 in. 129.54 x 96.52 cm Courtesy Andrew Kuo and Marlborough Chelsea courtesy Andrew Kuo and Marlborough Chelsea Music of  “Halos”   I’ve been working on colors, dots and…