Pepa Prieto

i am inspired by the work of artist Pepa Prieto, who was born in southern Spain and went to boarding school in England,  now lives and works in New York. she has quite a varied body of work blooming from 2005 to now;  those beautiful brush strokes are consistently fascinating through her work…

The paintings are small fragments of my universes, virtual landscapes, jungles of vegetation, ritual objects, memory embodied in physical objects, emotional constructions, human rituals, patterns and colors from memory- things seen from the inside out.

you may see her work at her website. all images & quote courtesy of Pepe Prieto.

Music of Pepa Prieto’s “Two Palm trees, One window”

“Two Palm trees, One window“, 2013. Acrylic on Wood Panel. Size: 40/50cm. 16/20inches



“Lemon Day“, 2013. Acrylic on Wood Panel. Size: 122/122cm. 48/48inches



Paintings- for any inquiries please contact : Pepa Prieto lives and Works in Brooklyn, New York.

Music :
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